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ConneCting and exploring ManufaCturing in WisConsin
                               anufacturing                                                                                    fall 2022


                                Celebrating Manufacturing in Wisconsin

            advanced Manufacturing technical education equipment grants to

            serve More than 1,400 students

                                                                               4  Plasma  System,  an  Auto  Electron-  Pneumatic  Hand  Tool  Package,  a  Por-
                                                                               ics  Trainer,  a  Grizzly  G9933-3HP  Three   table  Measurement  Tools  package,  a
                                                                               Spindle Shaper, a Grizzly G0490X - 8" x   Skill-Boss and Hand Tool Package, and a
                                                                               76" Jointer with Parallelogram Beds and   Portable Electronic Sensor to enable stu-
                                                                               Spiral Cutterhead, and a ShopSabre RC-9   dents to obtain Manufacturing Standards
                                                                               Router System for its technical education   Skills Council (MSSC) and Smart Auto-
                                                                               program,  allowing  students  to  become   mation  Certification  Alliance  (SACA)
                                                                               familiar  with  cutting-edge  technology   certifications.
                                                                               used in manufacturing, construction, and
                                                                               automotive industries.            Augusta Area School District, Eau
                                                                                                                 Claire County | $50,000
                                                                               Whitehall School District,                             The  Augusta
                                                                               Trempealeau County | $42,550                       Area  School  Dis-
                                                                                                 The    Whitehall                 trict  will  use  grant
                                                                                              School District will use            funds   to   pur-
                                                                                              grant funds to purchase             chase   additional
                                                                                              a  FANUC  Fenceless                 equipment  to  for
                                                                                              CERT Cart that features   its  Industry  4.0  curriculum,  including  a
                Eleven  Wisconsin  school  districts   school diplomas. Advanced manufacturing   a  six-axis  mechanical   Hydraulics Trainer, a Skill Boss Manufac-
            will  receive  more  than  $414,000  in  grant   refers to a family of manufacturing activi-  robot  with  180-degree   turing Trainer with Hand Tooling package,
            funding  to  increase  the  number  of  stu-  ties that depend on the use and coordination   work  envelope,  a  R-30iB  Plus  controller,   a Creaform Academia 20 Scanner Package,
            dents  in  career  and  technical  education   of  information,  automation,  computation,   25 Roboguide handling tool software seats,   a LJCreate Injection Molding Trainer, and
            programs.  Funded  through  the  Wisconsin   software,  sensing,  and  networking,  and/  and an Industry 5.0 Advanced Automation   LJCreate Engineering Construction Kits.
            Fast Forward Program, the grants will help   or  use  cutting-edge  materials  and  emerg-  Mechatronics  System  to  increase  student
            prepare more than 1,400 students for a wide   ing production capabilities enabled by the   capacity  of  its  existing  industrial  robotics   New Auburn School District,
            range  of  high-wage,  high-skill,  and  high-  physical and biological sciences (e.g., nan-  and automation program.  Chippewa County | $15,645
            demand careers.                   otechnology, chemistry, and biology). This                                            The New Auburn
                These grants will broaden educational   involves both new ways of manufacturing  Clintonville Public School District,   School  District  will
            and  employment  opportunities  for  some   existing  products  and  manufacturing  new   Waupaca, Shawano, and Outagamie   use  grant  funds  to
            1,400 students in more than a dozen rural   products  emerging  from  advanced  tech-  Counties | $50,000           purchase a Haas Mini
            and  underserved  communities  statewide,   nologies.                                                               Mill  EDU  Vertical
            according  to  the  DWD.  The  Wisconsin   The new awards include:                   The  Clintonville              Machining   Center,
            Fast Forward grants are part of the DWD’s                                        Public  School  District           with coolant pump kit
            strategy  to  expand  Wisconsin’s  future   Medford Area Public School District,   will  use  grant  funds          and  software,  for  its
            workforce.                        Taylor County | $50,000                        to  purchase  several              CTE facility.
                High  school  students  will  train  in         The    Medford               Amatrol  Industry  4.0
            advanced  manufacturing  fields  to  prepare    Area  Public  School             Learning   Systems,
            for  stable  careers  while  they  obtain  dual   District  will  use  grant   including  a  Portable  AC/DC  Electrical   Continued on page 6
            enrollment credits, industry-endorsed certif-   funds  to  purchase  a   trainer,  a  Portable  Electrical  Control
            icates, and technical endorsements on high      ShopSabre   Sidekick   trainer, a Portable Pneumatics trainer, a

                     thank you to our advertisers for your generous support!

                Great Northern Corporation  •  Metal Craft/Riverside  •  Northeast Wisconsin Technical College  •  Nexen Group

               JBC Machine  •  Tool, Die, & Machining Association of Wisconsin  •  Haas Factory Outlet  •  Green Bay Packaging

              Verital Steel  •  EC Styberg  •  Blackhawk Technical College  •  Minnesota State College Southeast  •  Laguna Tools.
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